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Quality Dallas Home Theater Installation Services

Platinum AV specializes in the following Dallas home theater installation services:

Residential installation or commercial monitor installation for LCD, LED, Plasma, or Projection televisions

Commercial monitor installation or residential installation for flat panel televisions

Projector and screen, home theater installation services for commercial or residential media room locations

Custom A/V installation services for residential or commercial locations including IPTV.

Platinum AV is your total Home Theatre / Media Room solution!


Home Theater System Design Tips

  1. Layout the media room properly - Will people entering and leaving the media room disrupt the others while watching the TV? Make sure you configure the doors to allow for a less obtrusive entrance and exit. We will offer suggestions to maximize your space constraints.
  2. You will always want to upgrade - Platinum AV will design your home theater in a way that you can easily upgrade as new technology comes out.
  3. Do not skimp on the sound - Allow room in the budget to get the full audio experience including: soundproofing, speakers, quality wiring, surround sound, acoustical wall treatments.
  4. Seating allowance - Be sure to give enough attention to the sight lines of both front and back rows in your home theater. Especially if 6'4" dad is going to sit in front of little 10 year old Susie.
  5. Cheap cables sound cheap - Do not get too wrapped up in the cables and wiring, but do not get the cheapest either.
  6. Easy is not always better - Cutting corners on the installation to save time or a few dollars may make you wish otherwise a few months down the road.
  7. Get professional help - Using a professionally certified audio visual specialist makes all the difference. We know the capabilities of the equipment and how to maximize the performance.
Need Financing? How does “no payments or interest for one year” sound? Give us a call. We service Dallas / Fort Worth, and all North Texas.

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Dallas Home Theater

If you are looking for a new HDTV or home theater system to enjoy the most recent movie release on DVD, Blu-ray disc, or watching your favorite TV shows then you have come to the right place. We provide high quality component selection and installation. If you have already purchased your new surround sound system or high definition television, Platinum AV can integrate and install your new TV or audio-video components. All of the various aspects of bringing the big-screen experience to your own home are covered by Platinum Audio Visual. From the most basic of HDTV and digital audio home theater systems integrated into your family room to a fully customized home theater room you will find we have the solution for you.

It is a "whole new ballgame" today as home theater systems have advanced tremendously. Modern home theater systems (high definition, Blu-ray, DVD players, HD satellite TV systems, DLP, LCD and plasma TVs, digital surround sound) and the technology associated with all of the new home theater installations can be confusing or even overwhelming to many people. Platinum AV is here to help you make an informed decision when considering your home theater system components purchase and installation.

A bit of advice for you: You do not have to spend a small fortune to achieve the desired "WOW factor". We can build a great home theater system that will impress your family and friends that will fit even the most modest of budgets. The basic home cinema experience breaks down into three main categories: Video, Audio, and your signal source. We will give you some information on each below:

Free Home Theater Installation Estimate


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